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What is DataProdigy?

DataProdigy is an innovative Big Data platform for Business Intelligence, based on machine learning algorithms, able to autonomously read company data and propose it to corporate decision-makers in a simple and intuitive way.

DataProdigy’s artificial intelligence system is able to understand requests in several languages and extrapolate data through a simple chatbot.

What sets us apart?

User friendly platform

Our platform is the easiest to interact with on the market

Automatic report generation

The report generation is automatic and doesn’t need set up

Integrated Approval Process

It automatically approves the reports saving the manager time

Flow of Reports

Common BI tools problems

Step 01

The manager sends a first request for the report by e-mail.

Step 02

The IT department begins to develop and test the report.

Step 03

To extend the report with more details they will have to make a second request.


Internal costs, long time, training costs and stress

DataProdigy's Solution

With DataProdigy there is no need for specialized staff in BI tools because it provides managers with an easy and intuitive way to request analysis.

Step 01

The manager requests the reports through a chat.

Step 02

DataProdigy automatically generates professional reports that are easy to use.


Less time needed to generate reports, no release costs, free customization.



it can be extended and customized according to your needs and it’s included


Can be installed in cloud or on premise


The integrated chatbot makes data more accessible, because it interfaces with human language


With a mobile app and a dedicated platform, Reports can be requested and Shared in Real Time

About us

It’s Prodigy is a young, technological and international company. We create Next Generation Digital Solutions for medium and large enterprises. We are experts in Industry 4.0 culture, processes and technologies.

It was born as an innovative startup in the fintech field in 2017 and today it is an emergent company with technology services and synergies in 4 different areas: funding, growing, networking, innovating.

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